While I work in a variety of mediums and write fiction, essays, and some poetry; all my endeavors share a common theme, attending to the intersection of perception and creativity.

“We don’t require professions.

We require practices.

We don’t need to develop philosophies

We need to find ways to live with purpose and meaning.

We don’t need to fight what exists.

We need to discover ways of being that bring us fulfillment

and wean us off our dependency on destruction.

As we get underway I’ll be combining new posts with the re-posting of earlier essays from my constellation of websites on WordPress.

I also intend to include my novel, Shoal Hope. As well as making this a home for my art and boat designs.

I intend to maintain a free subscription for anyone who wants one while setting up the opportunity for those who have the means and are willing to support my work through paid subscriptions.

At this time, it’s still unclear how best to proceed with this. One thought is to give those interested in becoming “Founding Members” their choice of the rights to build one of my small boats or receive a printed copy of Shoal Hope.

If you have any thoughts on the matter, or would like to comment on anything you find here, feel free to let me know!

If you have gotten something out of anything you find here please consider sharing it with anyone you think might benefit. As opposed to websites at the mercy of search engines Substacks grow by word-of-mouth.

Your engagement is significant.

Besides subscribing, either free or paid, you can help by spreading the word.

What others have said about my work:

“Antonio’s extraordinary flow of writing both challenges and comforts me. …I’ve caught myself engaging in… tense, drowning thinking and reminding myself to relax into a more floating way of being with life’s challenges. …reading his material is a good practice in holding that distinction.”

“His post…, Planing, Superimposition, & Palimpsest is another… I’ve felt very moved by. There is a density to his writing…. Read Antonio impatiently, read it like prose, and his style and content can feel frustrating, like being caught in weeds or nettles. Read it like poetry and instead, I feel more I am held with love by the ideas he expresses.”

Johnnie Moore's Blog, A deeper appreciation of Antonio Dias

…you’ve focused on how even promising responses to our converging predicaments become mired in the internalized power/coercion dynamics which produced them in the first place.

Christian Ford

Orwell said,
‘To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.’ …seeing requires patience and a willingness to question oneself as well as the other. …to say it as you see it, …finding language both poetic and precise enough to do the insight justice. I think of you as …one who works …diligently in both struggles….

Johnnie Moore

…blessed to live on a small island…,…blessed to live on a small island…, perfecting a craft, influenced by nature, living one tide at a time.

David Malchman

You endeavour to stay present, to persist, and stumble, and persist some more, and never sell your insights short, and persist still where most would give up; because there is always another fold in an idea… …you are willing to go the distance to unfold, winding this way and that as the sea and the wind do.

Catherine Lupton

i have found in your writing an exploration of the edges of ‘everyday’ thoughts and ideas…

an extraordinary ability to ‘come back’ with a description that showed me how there are multiple ways of seeing….

…which has more than once been a matter of resolving. my own feeling of being stuck….

Jeppe Dyrendom Graugaard

Self Portrait, 2016

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Attending to the intersection of perception and creativity as an artist, designer, writer, musician. Complexity cannot be reduced to any given certainty.


Designer, artist, writer, in no particular order. Exploring music at the intersection of everything with everything…. Working on finding ways to navigate uncertainty by developing a nose for coherence.