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The Trouble with Movements

It's not fair! It's too everything!

Happy Christmas!

The End of the Year

Beginner's Mind

a Presentation placing Economics in context

And now they govern…


The Confusion Between Collapse and Failure

The Reductivist Empire

A Scary Story for Halloween and the Mid-term Elections

When we mistake fun for joy

Probing Intention

Futility, the chasm between efficiency and effectiveness

Value, Wealth & Poverty

"You first!" "No, After You!" From optimism to resolve…

The Price of Ease

Mastery, Not Control



Reciprocity & Regard

Interrogation of a Dream

Mourning for the World, Part 2

Within the Realm of Acceptance

antoniodias' posterous

Tall Towers

Zombies & Vampires, Oh My!

"Success to the Successful"

On the Future We Deserve

Kindness & Respect

Bombing Kelpies (via )


Creatures of Empathy

"We've Never Had It So Good!" A Capsule Autobiography

War of the Worlds

The Landscape of Humility

Mourning for the World

Uncivilization and Uncertainty, a cross post from Fine Lines

Cross post from Antonio Dias, Reflections on the Dark Mountain

The Mainstream's Misunderstanding, Part 2

Cross-post from Antonio Dias, adw

Clearing the Mind

the Mainstream's Misunderstanding

The Confusion of Cost & Value*

Survival of the Fittest


Imbeciles with High IQs


Approaching the Dark Mountain


Climbing the Dark Mountain

What are we up against?

Capital, Productivity and Value

The Grand Kachinka Game


Menacingly In Green Depths

A Cross-post from Fine Lines

Capitalism & Linearity

Deep Imagining

Captain Smith & Amelia Earhart, pathological optimism

"How's that job search coming along?" Seemed like a simple enough question!

Between Unknowing and Conviction

"What Do I Want?" continued…

the innovation of poverty

What Do You Do After You Stop Pretending!

Where do I stand?

What do I want?

The Present

Self-Identical and Repeating at Every Scale, an Epiphany

The Scheme

A Ramble at the Year's End

New Year, New Place