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Space at the end of the year

A fragment on the Solstice

Tyranny of Choice

The Future We Deserve, an Anthology

Notes on the Relationship of Technology to Craft

Questions of Conspiracy and Inevitability

Cross-Post from Stone Soup

On Being Outside, a meditation on precarity

What's to Come? Beyond Bohemia

A Cross-post from Fine Lines

Questions surrounding non-violence

Organism, a question of trust

We Think of the Spectacle as External…

The Blessings of Clarity

Wealth, Let's see it for what it is.

"Well, It Can't Hurt?" Yes It Can! And Does…

Anxiety, Trying, and Other Alarms We Might Learn to Heed

Here's the Thing…

A Sense of Security

Fighting Injustice/Confronting Abuse, part II

Fighting Injustice/Confronting Abuse,

A Fragment On Security

from Intention to Attention

Consensus and Dissensus

Innocence, Freedom, Righteousness, Anger & Rage

On Originality

What is innocence?

It's All Holographic, Stupid!

A Short Note on Anger,

Lie to me, everyone else does…

Living Like a Caveman

Austerity, and the Ways We Disguise What We Lack

Why I Write the Way I Do

Further Notes on the Meaning of Wealth

Craft and Technique

Are We Lacking Information?

Intertwined Time

Compassion, the distance between Dialogue and Negotiation

Doing what I'm told…

Routine, Another Cost of Efficiency

On Medieval Cathedrals and the Limits of Proprioception

The Trouble with Routine

The Trouble with "Uncivilization"

Craft's Collision with Civilization, a starting point

Austerity's Place

Crafting Awareness

Shaping Awareness, part II

Shaping Awareness

Notes on the Sources of Art

Notes On Ritual

Innovation as Impermanence

Gort barada nikto

Innovation, Creation, and Change

Afloat, not Adrift

Stray thoughts on the purpose of gatekeepers

Liberal & Conservative, Bankrupt, empty labels.

On Intention, Stumbling towards a Loose Rigor

"I never thought of that!"

On Conservatism

New Format

Sowing Doubt…

The love of the Fire-hose

What does it mean?

I'm not a Brand, are you?

Dark Mountain 2

Joyful Disillusionment

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The World, or the world…

Between Spectacle and Sight


Action without Striving

Cross-post from Antonio Dias Art

Between Knowing and Understanding


What Choice Do We Have?

The Limits of Imagination

The Real Trouble with Secrecy

The Nature of Conditioning

Changing Gears

Things Out-of-Place

Nuclear Jitters


Quid Pro Quo

Maintaining the Lie of Invulnerablity

Not Individuals, Not Groups

"Movement" toward Dialogue

This time it's global!


A Ramble on Negotiations with the Self

The Power of Mastery

Do We Need Leaders?

Berger's "Moment of Cubism," part III

Berger's "The Moment of Cubism" part II

On Berger’s “the Moment of Cubism”

Charmed Particles

"Un Moment de Peur"

Psychopathic Thought

Pushing Past Futility

Double Binds

Education as Over-Reach, the Fallacy of Accuracy

my legitimate strangeness

A Politics of Profound Disillusionment

Vulnerability, Ultimate Realism?

You Can't Hide from Futility

Not very clever thoughts on Systems Theory

Brené Brown, The Power of Vulnerability

The Bad Taste of Clever

Two Circles

Digested by the Spectacle

The Rich Get Richer…

Three Posts on Fine Lines

The Search for Hope without Control