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Joy lies beyond where disappointment hides…

Relationship, not Integers

Complicity, not conspiracy

Ecocidal Suicide, Where does the violence begin? The Gulf Between a Trail and a Path

Disinterested, Why the Fool was so valuable

"The Greatest Illusion in the World is the Illusion of Separation"

"What IS the problem?"

Love is Being

The Opportunity to Think


Pattern Which Connects, Finding Community

Argo F… Yourself!

Taking a breath…

Shadows, Murmurs & Inklings

"Changing Hearts and Minds"


Is there a Structural Continuity Between denial and a lack of sensitivity…?


Making Space Take Time

Is Wild Willful?

One more cross-post: Write without disappointment

A cross-post: A conversation on Fiction, or a fictional conversation…

What does "Not business as usual" look like?

The Patholgies of Ego

To re-enter evolution is to accept death…

Salvation and Solve-ation: Two sides of incoherence.

The point is… not to build a more just prison…

On the Impossibility of Mediated Ritual

Deep Denial

The Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla in the Room

"Fishing in the Swamp," a cross-post from Antonio Dias Fiction


Retreat & Resilience


Creative Destruction

The Urge to Start Over

Misplaced Hygienes

Staying in the Drama…

From Efficient to Effective

Vital Vulnerability

The Currency of Trust

Itching for a Fight!


The Freedom to Dream Differently


Utopia is nowhere. Dystopia brings forth our own worst fears.

The Outer Ring, a Permeable Membrane

Catalytic Conversation, a Concentric Approach to Dialogue


A cross post from A D Fiction

Beyond the Thrall of Ego

Isaac Newton Wasn't a Newtonian, Socrates wasn't Plato…

An extended reply…

Coherence is Provisional

Integrity, and the Shape of Competence, Boats for difficult times.

Discover, Find, and Gather

Dwelling and Conviviality in Art, a cross-post from Light on Canvas

Making Sense


Titanic, April 15, 1912

Rules of Engagement

The Forge of Language

Driven by Fear

Wrestling with the World in Virtual Reality: a Reblog from Networkolgies

Jeppe Dyrendom Graugaard's Conversation with Andrew Taggart

The Purposes of Images

Must Communities Be Manageable?

Doing No Thing, a Path Past Ego Death

Cross Post from Stone Soup, Reservoirs of Craft

Imagination's Roots

Drowning in Search of Security

Fear, Authority, and Craving After Security

Anxiety & Security, Two Sides of Ego

A Turbulent Stream

Images, Projections, Reflections; Perturbations on the Surface of Sorrow

From Negotiation to Dialogue

Complicity and Contingency

Plans, Projections & Masks

Planning, Superimposition & Palimpsest

Intention, Sincerity & the Works of I

Rivers of Blood

What is

Nature is a term for that which was born

jeppe - 2012-01-26 09:39:30

The Effect of Enormity

A Conversation around Questions of Sincerity, Stone Soup

We Are Dissatisfied.

Joseph Taylor - 2012-01-11 16:59:46

Algorithms and Intention

Missed Opportunity, the Failed Legacy of John Boyd

Life Is Between

Self Mastery, not Self Control

Domination is domination is domination